• 23/08- 02/09
  • 13Migrantenstadl in der Wartburg
  • 5pm- 7 pm

The film series Sinema Şpezial will span all the way from the wondrous blossoms of plural societies to the blood stains on today’s immigration nation Germany, from the 1990s to the present.

The documentary film “Tokat” presents its protagonists’ migration biographies as interesting and at the same time perfectly normal life stories in Germany. With remarkable intimacy, those who give the Federal Republic its diversity are given a voice.

One of these voices is also “Remake, Remix, Rip-Off”. A film that tells the story of Turkish pop cinema in the 1970s, which also found its way to Germany with the guest workers at the latest, without any foreign stereotypes. The film “Muezzin” is also beyond clichés and problematisation: it takes a look at the rich tradition of the call to prayer in Islam.

In order to successfully stand up to foreign stereotypes and the social pressure to conform to norms, or even to take them ad absurdum, sometimes you need a radical, punky anti-attitude, alliances in civil society or black humour. You can learn quite a bit about these strategies in the films “Taqwacore”, “Mein Kind” and “Die Migrantigen”.
In contrast, you’ll probably want to look away in the documentary films portraying the low-points of our social reality: “Die Wahrheit liegt in Rostock”, “Nach dem Brand”, “Revision”, “Duvarlar” and “Der Kuaför von der Keupstraße” are films that put the perspective of those who are normally pushed to the hinterland of collective consciousness in the centre of focus. Stories from the heart of our national reality that might cause cracks in the self-image of a society that considers itself democratic, equal and open.