Repurposed Theatre

Foto: Kim Noble

Kim Noble

  • 28/08 / 30/08 / 01/09
  • 6Performatives Pornokino im Studio
  • 7pm / 65 minutes
  • English
  • 15€ / red. 8€

“You’re not alone” is a passion play about modern solitude. In search of human intimacy, Kim Noble stalks a supermarket cashier and tries to send him secret signs by buying condoms, tampons and pregnancy tests. He contacts truck drivers who leave their phone numbers in the bathrooms of motorway petrol stations or has an Ikea uniform made so he can work in the furniture shop as a consultant without actually getting the job. Predictably, all these attempts end in disaster. But Kim Noble manages to produce probably one of the saddest theatre shows ever, which at same time is hilariously funny! As a member of the audience, you’ll find yourself somewhere between classical tragedy and lewd British comedy.

  • Created by & with Kim Noble
  • Co-director Gary Reich
  • Stage engineering Misha Beweis
  • Light design Martin Langthorne

Kim Noble is an In Between Time Associate Artist. A production of In Between Time in cooperation with the Soho Theatre, London.