Foto: Migrantenstadl Blog/ Tunay Önder


  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 13Migrantenstadl in der Wartburg
  • 7pm - 9 pm
  • free entry

Why should we accept that monoculture determines the conditions of our society? Does it only matter to us whether we eat kebab or knuckle of pork before a Söder or a Seehofer etches away our brain masses? Why should we speak only one language? What can we do to make passports on trees grow, deportation notices vanish into thin air and Frontex become a panty liner company? Why does a worker with a headscarf not offend, a headscarf wearer who wants to become a teacher, yes? And in which society do we actually want to live?

For these and other questions, we use the opportunity for eleven days to discursively initiate the social transformation measures and generate ideas.

Under the title “Parallel Societies”, the Migrantenstadl therefore invites all people from and outside Wiesbaden to daily alternating table talks full of unexpected encounters, heated debates and small lectures.

A round table, invited guests & spontaneous visitors – here everything is debated about living together in a diverse society: from staged threats, postmigrant mud battles and appropriation struggles to marginalisation strategies.

In addition to cultivated dialogues, stimulating monologues, short excursions, current reports, musical interludes and video recordings are also in demand, at best there is loud discussion, gesticulation, screaming, throwing plates through the room, smashing chairs, knocking over tables, because what is more boring than an ironed-out political talk?

The table discussions are moderated alternately by Imad Mustafa, Tamer Düzyol, Erdal Aslan, Tunay Önder as well as other experienced communication drivers*innen

From 7 pm the Migrantenstadl will offer different town-hall meetings every day: round-table discussions, small lectures and workshops with invited guests.