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Foto: Erik van Lieshout

Erik van Lieshout

  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 12Bluebox-Kino
  • 9am - 11pm
  • Dutch with German and English subtitles
  • 10€ or less

The silent movie theatre LUNA, where Carl Zuckmayer once played the piano in the early twentieth century, has been an erotic cinema for the last forty years, by now one of the last in Wiesbaden: the Bluebox-Kino. In it, on Schwalbacher Straße, Erik van Lieshout will present his video installation “Sex is Sentimental.” A deeply personal and shamelessly narcissistic video collage about falling passionately in love with his then assistant Suzanne, who apparently turns his work efficiency and self-image on its head. Between manic work, impatient desire, images of women in their underwear, flickering insecurity, Carla Bruni and the lust for power, Lieshout loses and searches for himself over and over again. A self-portrait of a man in love surrounded by full-on pornography.

No minors admitted.