Foto: Migrantenstadl Blog / Tunay Önder


  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 13Migrantenstadl in der Wartburg
  • 9pm
  • 15€ / red. 8€

Tunay Önder, award-winning blogger, writer and activist, along with other guests and local protagonists, will occupy the Wartburg for eleven days and open the Migrantenstadl there: a hub by and for radically entertaining parallel societies of kanake stars, text terrorists and Dadaists, rap ladies, boxing matches and tea salons. She will transform the Wartburg into a post-migrant multi-purpose hall with a daily changing programme of events. Here Westend meets discourse, comedy meets Islam and boxing matches meet organic vegetables. A charmingly brutal takeover from the periphery with an absolute desire to integrate.

Every day during “Prime Time: dokuza beş kala” at 9 pm, there will be the finest brutal entertainment (please note,
tickets are required for the events below!).


Jilet Ayşe / COMEDY

Jilet Ayşe – self-proclaimed integration nightmare and “ghetto bride from Berlin”. At least as loud
as she looks, Ayşe thinks equality is totally overrated and talks about kanakes and
krauts non-stop. Couldn’t be more clichéd.

FR 24.8. / 9 pm / 15€ / red. 8€


“Ausländer mit Vergnügen” (Foreigners with Pleasure) is the biggest hit by sister and brother Enes & Esra. Together they’re EsRAP: a young rap-duo from Vienna with powerful lyrics, who don’t shy away from voicing their opinion about women’s rights, the everyday lives of immigrants or Austrian politics in their wild mix of Turkish and German.

SA 25.8. / 9 pm / 15€ / red. 8€

Songs of Gastarbeiter / MUSIC-LECTURE

Berlin writer Imran Ayata and Munich artist Bülent Kullukcu went digging around in archives, went through their parents’ and acquaintances’ music collections, to find songs from the first generation of immigrants: songs made in Almanya, from the early days of Turkish immigration to Germany. A musical portrait of arrival and stranger danger.

SO 26.8. / 9 pm / 15€ / red. 8€

Die geheimen Tagebücher des Sesperado / READING

Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz tells stories of comical jihadists, badass activists and a lyrical guerrilla who can also laugh about himself. This political rebellion doesn’t just strain the brain, but the laughing muscles too. His book is a love story disguised as a battle of resistance and vice versa. Somewhere between the inadvertent comedy of everyday racism and deliberate teasing in the comfort zone of privileges, Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz provides us with an amusing handbook for rebellion.

DO 30.8. / 9 pm / 15€ / red. 8€


Rapper Ebow is the mistress of pop-cultural reference potpourri. Using a crazy mix of languages, the daughter of a guest-worker from Munich crafts associative mercurial chains of rhyme.: “Yolo, you’re solo / Vogue for the vogue / Promo / Break the game / Yoko Ono / We’re bringing fresh back / Yalla Habibi, go go” Her second album “Komplexit.t” came out last year.

FR 31.8. / 9 pm / 15€ / red. 8€