Foto: Songs of Gastarbeiter


  • 26/08
  • 13Migrantenstadl in der Wartburg
  • 9pm
  • 15€/red. 8€
The Berlin artist Imran Ayata and the Munich artist Bülent Kullukcu have released a compilation with SONGS OF GASTARBEITER, which is a unique declaration of love, a “respect note” to the guest workers, to the musicians among them and their songs. Sometimes Ayata and Kullukcu tour through the republic and fill the country with stories, videos and songs of guest workers. This stubborn duo has to be experienced in any case.

Imran Ayata and Bülent Kullukcu met in 2001 when the Kanaks in Berlin began to stir up high culture. With Generation Aldi on board, Bülent went to Berlin. Today, the friendship between Ayata and Kullukcu has led to the musical formation AY-KU. More volumes of Songs of Gastarbeiter are planned. But these must first be sought and found, because the migrant workers came from everywhere, “from Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Yugoslavia”, to say it in the words of Ozan Ata Canani. Let’s put aside the modesty: This music is clearly one of the best that has been produced in Germany in the last 50 years.

This music video lecture SONGS OF GASTARBEITER by Imran Ayata and Bülent Kullukcu will not be missed by anyone who is a guest worker’s child and stands by it. Children of the bourgeois household may also listen to the music with a clear conscience, especially as it contains plenty of material for aesthetic education. That’s how it is. One should therefore arrive punctually in the Migrantenstadl.