• 25/08
  • 13Migrantenstadl in der Wartburg
  • 9pm
  • 15€/red. 8€

“Ausländer mit Vergnügen” (Foreigners with Pleasure) is the biggest hit by sister and brother Enes & Esra. Together they’re EsRAP: a young rap-duo from Vienna with powerful lyrics, who don’t shy away from voicing their opinion about women’s rights, the everyday lives of immigrants or Austrian politics in their wild mix of Turkish and German.

 Raised in the old Viennese working class district Ottakring, the siblings Esra and Enes Özmen have found the perfect medium in hip hop to make their voices heard and to give recognition to their own world with all its conflicts. For 8 years now, the two have formed the duo EsRAP and deal in their mixed German/Turkish texts with questions of identity, being foreign in their own country as children of the third generation, the necessity of rebellion experienced on their own bodies, rap as resistance and also being woman in the male-dominated Hip Hop world. In contrast to the usual division of roles in this one, Esra contributes the hard and fast rhymes, while her brother Enes takes over the more melodic vocal parts with his sensitive voice. Musically EsRAP find inspiration in the Turkish oriental genre Arabesque, which they like to combine with modern beats. After several mixtapes and many tracks released on digital channels, the two are currently preparing their first album.



Foto: Christian König