• Sun 09/02 : 7 pm

  • 13Migrantenstadl in der Wartburg
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60 years of German-Turkish forced marriage

Germans with Turkish heritage continuously have to prove themselves and their capacity for democracy. They should go home, distance themselves, be grateful or just shut up, depending on what’s currently wanted of them. Experts, scholars, Turks with moustaches, with six-packs, without six-packs, praying Turks, drinking Turks, fasting Turks, Turkified Turks, real Turks, half-Turks, whole Turks, Turkish Turks, German Turks, Euro-Turks (Turkmens are allowed to say something too for once), still Turks, snot Turks, boxing Turks, upper-class Turks and Turkmurks will all discuss this strange form of existence. All of them!

  • MC Tamer Düzyol and Tunay Önder