City Passage

Markus Öhrn & Arno Waschk

  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 1City Passage
  • 3pm - 9pm
  • Entry from Kirchgasse
  • Free entry

White Ikea furniture, flowers on the table, the picture on the wall, a cuckoo clock … a home that could be anywhere reduced to the most essential elements — and a breeding ground for terrible pain and suffering at the same time. In his new work, Swedish artist and director Markus Öhrn, in collaboration with musician and composer Arno Waschk, examines the banality and brutality of domestic violence.
Together they take an expedition to the dark side of intimate relationship patterns, role models and gender stereotypes. Co-produced with the Wiener Festwochen, the production came for its premiere in June and can now be seen in a special version in the City Passage during the WIESBADEN BIENNALE. Markus Öhrn works with real statistics and based his work around cases of domestic violence that went to court. _ He used this material to develop a six-hour performance for two performers and a pianist, which can be seen every second day in the former Table Dance Bar in the City Passage.

Recommended for over-16s

  • Director, Stage design, Concept Markus Öhrn
  • With Jakob Öhrmann, Janet Rothe
  • Pianist Arno Waschk
  • Masks Makode Linde
  • Co-production Wiener Festwochen, Institutet, Wiesbaden Biennale