City Passage

Foto: Simon Hegenberg

Tetsuya Umeda & Yosuke Amemiya

  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 1City Passage
  • 3pm - 9pm
  • Entry via Wilhelmstraße
  • Free entry

Japanese artist Tetsuya Umeda’s works are often produced outside of traditional
exhibition spaces. An abandoned building, an unremarkable courtyard, a busy shopping street … many different environments can be Umeda’s starting point, whose way of looking at things through a quiet, almost reserved, but extremely precise form of observation is extremely captivating. Places that at first seem unremarkable suddenly reveal countless peculiarities in Umeda’s perspective: in the gap above the ceiling, in the hollow space behind the wall, in the way in which the lighting has been attached, in the objects that have been unconsciously left lying around by other people. Umeda enters into a dialogue with his environment and creates curious states of subtle uncertainty with his works, which constantly blur the line between art and everyday life. His precision in how he treats sounds has also made him a name in the experimental music scene and he has already been invited to numerous international music festivals. _ For WIESBADEN BIENNALE, Umeda is collaborating with artist Yosuke Amemiya, also from Japan, who lives in Berlin. The two artists have been working together for a while now and they will continue this work in the City Passage.

Recommended for over-16s

  • Concept, Realisation Tetsuya Umeda, Yosuke Amemiya
  • With Tetsuya Umeda, Yosuke Amemiya, Theo Braun-Munzinger and locals
  • Management Yuki Tanaka