Rabih Mroué & Dina Khouri

  • Thu 08/23

Something happened. The future of shopping, once bright and shiny, has seen
its best days long ago. Seven leftovers stayed behind. Did anyone forget them?
 Until March 2012, one of the 5000 Schlecker drug stores was found on the ground
floor of the City Passage. When Europe’s formerly largest drug store chain went
down in a spectacular bankruptcy, like everywhere else, sell-off and closure
came overnight. Since then the retail space has stayed untouched. Just the boxes
of stones left over from a test drilling done by interested investors have been
stored here in the meantime. They lead down to hundreds, thousands, millions
of years of history on site.  The two artists Rabih Mroué and Dina Khouri will
work together for the first time for the WIESBADEN BIENNALE. Using found and
lost materials, they will put together a narrative installation that seems to
come from the future. Rabih Mroué’s artistic practice moving between performance
and the visual arts, combining fiction, documentation and manipulation will come
together with Dina Khouri’s interest in creating a transformative image of the
contemporary.  Together they imagine a shopping dystopia, deserted by human life:
A terrarium of flying objects, with no way out.

  • Concept, Installation Rabih Mroué & Dina Khouri
  • Drones Conell O'Reilly
  • Thanks to Georg Mittelbach, Frank Lorscheider, Jörn Schäfer and the former female Schlecker-employees