City Passage

Roger Ballen

  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 1City Passage
  • 3pm - 9pm
  • free entry

The american and in South Africa based photographer Roger Ballen is one of the most famous photographic artists of his generation. His images of isolated villages in “Platteland”, the South African hinterland, made him famous all over the world in the 80s.
Ballen showed the poor, white precariat, in the time of apartheid. It broke a taboo. In recent years, he has experimented more and more in different art forms. Roger Ballen treats the people, animals and objects he stages as equals. He lives and works with them and in this way creates nightmarish houses of distorted realities. In the City Passage, he will create a bizarre shopping tunnel that is also a precarious living environment in the old copy, photo and insurance shops, which carries within it traces of a human existence, of loss and memory. As if someone had built a place in their dreams or nightmares where all life has long disappeared and withered. He blends traces that he found on site with documents from his many years of work and weaves them into a narrative, in which he suddenly, very concretely becomes the main performer. Seemingly caught in the reflection of his own images, he wanders lost through the Passage looking for an image that’s pursuing him or that maybe he himself just keeps creating.

Recommended for over-16s 

  • Concept, Installation Roger Ballen & Marguerite Rossouw
  • Assistent Felix Reutzel
  • Video Jakob Klaffs, Hugo Reis, Maria Magdalena Ludewig & Roger Ballen
  • Sound effects Jakob Klaffs
  • Support Sonia Arlo, Rosa Parisi, Carla Schäfer
  • Thanks to Elin Güler, Tanja Gerner