• 25/ 08, 01/09, 02/09
  • 14Koi
  • 11 am
The Wiesbaden Biennale has taken over the former City Passage shopping center. Once a place to start your own business, with many passing pedestrians, offering a selection of good food and live jazz acts in the evening restaurants, the shopping center became more and more neglected over the years. Forty years after its construction, the shopping mall went out of fashion and slowly became obsolete, stuffy, and an eyesore in the perspective of a further chic developing Wiesbaden. The corners were soiled and the ventilation system had long been broken. In 2015, all shop owner’s leases were terminated- only the Deutsche Post was allowed to stay another year.
Performing artists positioned here and there in the City Passage meet former shop owners from the once bustling shopping arena in KOI. We’re looking forward to their discourse. Roger Ballen with will meet up with the old Photo Shop owner Morteza Mojtahedi (25.08), Markus Öhrn with Insurance Consultant Ottmar Secker (01.09) and Florentina Holzinger with Harald Lendle, the former owner of Café Cicero (02.09).
This event is free of charge and open to all.