City Passage

Randa Mansour

  • Thu 08/23

  • 1City Passage

For Jewellery Burglary, Lebanese artist Randa Mansour has created a fictional
scenario of a young, unknown German artist.Overnight he performed a forbidden
exchange, covertly replacing the precious jewellery in City Juwelier with his own
“precious” artworks. His aim seems to be to question the relationship between
money, commodities, power, the law and art. Randa Mansour imagines that her
protagonist considers his action an artwork in itself, and never an act of theft.
The artworks themselves portray scenes of hanging and killed people.They create
a link from the crime of the burglary to the punishment of the criminal, from the
artistic gesture of exchange to the symbolic death of the artist.Jewelry Burglary,
Mansour’s first solo exhibition, attempts to question the ethics of the art market
and the politics of power in assigning value to art and artists, as well as the
complicity of the artists and their aesthetics of resistance.

  • Concept, Installation Randa Mansour