Thomas Bo Nilsson, Julian Eicke

  • Thu 08/23

When the novel Assisted Living was published in 1992 under the pseudonym Nikanor
Teratologist, it caused a scandal and quickly achieved cult status.  Written in
northern Swedish dialect and dotted with explicit violence, paedophilia, incest
and racism, and also an almost comic-like literary density, the novel fascinated
critics and readers alike. People speculated wildly about the true author until
finally the young, almost unknown Niclas Lundkvist stepped out from behind the
pseudonym.  But what for a long time was seen as a radical, yet stylistically
confident moral provocation appeared in a new light in 2016. Journalists uncovered
a link between the explicitly neo-Nazi and very active online profile Ezzelino
and the author.  A brilliant debut by an aesthetic provocateur or a sadistic
fantasy by an active neo-Nazi instead?  In their work, Thomas Bo Nilsson & Julian
Eicke confront their audience with an extremely convolutedfantasy
world. An anonymous
Swedish customer has ordered an immersive visualisation of his most intimate
fantasies to experience them anytime via a website, live stream and chat. Within
a film set in the City Passage casino two comic-like characters will perform the
man’s fantasies for eleven days, 24 a day. In the room outside the film set,
selected scenarios can be watched via live stream, but anyone who really wants to
dive in should climb up into the tree house in the Nassauische Kunstverein, log
into the chat and make contact with the film crew. Then a door will open for a
private studio visit in the back rooms.

  • Concept, Installation, Costume design Thomas Bo Nilsson, Julian Eicke
  • Text Nikanor Teratologen, Ezzelino Flashback & Ensemble
  • Support Installation Mayan Frank, Theresa Lechner
  • Support Costume Magdalena Bösch
  • Hair Sara Mathiasson
  • Sound Jacob Suske
  • Assistant Carlotta Monty Meyer
  • With Lena Bösch, Pierre Emö, Julian Wolf Eicke, Carlotta Monty Meyer, Marian Mutschlechner, Thomas Bo Nilsson, Ute Reintjes, Pia Wurzer