Foto: m23 Fons Hickmann

KOI welcomes: Lutz Henke

  • Fri 08/24 : 3 pm

  • 14Koi
What purpose does art serve the city? A discussion with Lutz Henke
Together with the curator and cultural scientist, Lutz Henke, we want to speak about the relationship between art and city.
Why has Santiago Sierra boughten a wall from an army good supplier enterprise and erected it in the Reisingeranlagen Park?
Why has the City Passage shopping mall been unoccupied for so long? Why is this apparent blemish in the city now being used as a trendy backdrop for art? And why is the city of Wiesbaden willing to invest so much money in an art and performance event such as the Biennale?
How much does culture contribute to enhancement, suppression, elitism?
Can art be independent and critical at the same time?
Together, we want to face these and other such questions Friday afternoon.
This event is free of charge and open to all.