Foto: m23 Fons Hickmann


  • 25/ 08/18
  • 16Hinterland
  • 10 pm
“We piss standing up, but also sitting down.”
The rap group from Frankfurt am Main consists of the artists Sonja Yakovleva, Giulietta Ockenfuß und Anna Hjalmarsson. The band was founded in 2013 in Venedig and have been rapping together ever since. They speak of self-experienced topics from trips to the sauna, everyday drugs, to penis births. Their last released mixtape, “UNDEZENT 2”, was cassette tape only produced with songs titled “Sauna” and “Coffee”. With their 2017 hit, „Frigido“, in their amusingly trashy way, they work towards breaking down the traditional gender rolls of our society, one song at a time. We’re excited for their performance and a little unisex bathroom rave Saturday night. The night will then be carried on by the DJ Crew „Hotel International“.
Event is free of charge.