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Foto: m23 Fons Hickmann

KOI: Biennale Campus

  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 14Koi

KOI is the Biennale Campus run by students for international students  and young people: in the former KOI restaurant in Faulbrunnenstraße 7, they will open the KOI Base, a space where the festival will echo and the future will resonate. Open for all – to hang out, reflect and create – no matter whether you come from far away, Dotzheim or Bierstadt. KOI will host panel discussions with and without artists and most importantly, it will be a platform for your opinions and activities. Excursions will also depart from here, which will take you on a ride into self-critical field research in the periphery, far beyond the usual well known spots.  Drop by, get yourself a drink at the Soli Bar and dance with us in one of the city’s vacant properties. Information on activities and events will be published on this website.

Photo: Martin Hammer