City Passage


  • 23/08 - 02/09
  • 16Hinterland
  • 11am

Wiesbaden’s pulse beats on Schwalbacher Straße! This year the Wiesbaden Biennale’s heart will be located in this melting pot between Westend and the city centre. Every day from 11 am, the festival centre and info point will provide you with orientation in the festival jungle. A buzzing hotspot for artists, the curious and festival fans to pick up the odd secret tip and stretch their tired limbs after a long festival day. Drop by every day at 5 pm, when the artists and team will be standing by for questions and discussions in the biennale talks! Discover a hidden refuge over the rooftops in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the of the most lively fault line in the city: the sundeck. And every night from 10 pm, dance the long summer nights away with us to hot beats in the club in the vacant space of the lost past! Together with visitors to the city, artists and curious passersby, you’ll see your own city in a completely new light here. This isn’t Wiesbaden! Or is it?!