The Refuge of the Tired European

Photo: raumlaborberlin

Margarita Tsomou / Greece, Germany

  • 25/08 - 04/09
  • 7Warmer Damm
  • Entrance free

The Agora is a participatory outdoor parliament. Loosely based on the ancient Greek model, Greek activist and writer Margarita Tsomou has developed a market place of critical dialogue that questions the mechanisms of representation in our everyday political life. With international guests and local activists, she will create a forum for the non-represented in our society and brings discussions that would otherwise take place behind closed doors or in the vastness of the internet back into public space. On the 27th August there will be an international conference day that will create a space for political groups to meet that rarely have a chance to do so. The speaker’s corner will also make the Agora a platform for the citizens of Wiesbaden to passionately express conflicts, test out debating culture and argue productively.