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Santiago Sierra

  • 23/08
  • 10Reisinger Anlagen
  • 5pm

Santiago Sierra is one of the most internationally renowned conceptual artists
in the field. Time and time again, he causes a stir with his controversial
artistic campaigns that ruthlessly uncover the contradictions and moral abysses
of our time. In his internationally exhibited projects, he deals with — often
through minimalism and always with a critical eye – nationalism, political borders
and other power structures, such as globalised capitalism. During the WIESBADEN
BIENNALE, Sierra will draw a 333 meter long line through the Reisinger Anlagen:
he will divide the public space with the help of a self-prepared Type RAID 7 RH
barrier made by British military supplier Hesco. These field fortifications have
been in frequent use in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 90s and are
set up easily within a few minutes. The wall pieces fold accordion-like out of a
shipping container: a simultaneously fascinating and terrifying process. Sierras
new work is a manifestation of the fear of the foreign. It purposely plays with
the populist demands for border fortification structures and relocates this into
the centre of the city, into the seemingly innocent and peaceful core of Europe.
A territorial marker that lets one physically feel the force that lies behind
the will of separation.“333 Meters” links into Sierras complex oeuvre in multiple
ways. It unites performance and social sculpting with a minimalist sculptural
statement and a fundamental critique in one monumental installation.